Global And Fast Pace Market

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In today’s highly competitive, global and fast pace market there is little room for error even when it comes to unforeseeable events. Companies are subjugated to not only growing the business but also sustaining it. By identifying, prioritizing and assessing the various risks that a company can face, uncertainty is reduced and a company can therefore lessen or control the impact when tragedy does strike. As the speed of businesses continue to increase, the risks and possibility of interruption also increases. Catastrophes and natural disasters can certainly disrupt the logistics of a business and hence when it comes to assessing supply chain disruptive risk, we need to ask the right questions. By asking the right questions we are able to analyze the importance and impact that the components and functions of the supply chain play. Should any of them fail during an unexpected catastrophe, what would the impact be and would the temporary or emergency solution be? While Hirofumi Matsuo offers a well balanced case on Toyota’s production system and post earthquake recovery, the lack of primary data as acknowledged by him could be a drawback to the article. Hence, through interviews, press releases and data published by Toyota, this essay compares and analyses the detailed case study of Toyota’s supply chain disruption during the Tohoku earthquake in Japan. It also looks to identify the importance of disruptive risk management to supply chain management.

Supply chain risks are…

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