Global Atmosphere Assignment Essay

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ENVI 1011 Environmental Science III Global Atmosphere Assignment Due Date: 29th April 2011 Name: Slavica Kandic ID: s3185267 Station: Museum Question 1: Data is supplied for an EPA monitoring station, showing changes in levels of monitored pollutants during a day. You can get a copy of the data for your assigned station from s:\ug\ENVI1011 or the learning hub site for ENVI 1011. a) Describe the location and characteristics of the station b) Display the data on a suitable graph to show the relative changes in each pollutant during the day c) For each pollutant monitored, indicate…show more content…
(EPA) Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) is secondary pollutant as it is formed by oxidation of nitric oxide in the atmosphere.Its formation is dependant on the concentration of hydrocarbons and level of solar radiation. Nitrogen Dioxide could be lethal in extremely high concentrations, eg. emission stacks,,but apart of these extreme ambient conditions,usually cause lung an respiratory disorders such as astma and bronchitis. Nitrogen dioxide is detected by chemiluminescence method. (EPA) Airborne Particle Index (API) are initially primary pollutant as originates from the dust,smoke, and fumes,lead,pollen,sulphates and nitrates,sea salt, microorganisms. On the other hand, particulates such as sulphates and nitrates can react with hydrocarbons to form organic particulates.These are categorized as seconday pollutants which are responsible for the haze, related to high concentration of oxidants in the atmosphere Health effects of the Airborne Particulates depends on size of the particle which ranges from 1-5µm.Particulates with stated diameter cause the maximum health risk as they penetrates into low airways causing astma or pneumonial failure,while larger particles are easily stopped with musoca in the nose,mouth and nose. For measurement of the Airborne Particulates a Nephelometer is used. The method is based on measuring the scattering of the aiir smple uing it as an index that is equivalent to local visibility, or conversely
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