Global Brand Between Standardization Strategy And Adaption Strategy Essay

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The debate of international advertising for global brand between standardization strategy and adaption strategy has existed for the last few decades. Nowadays, many famous brands want to expand their market over the world, thus become global brands due to the development of globalization and technology. Many brands already successfully become global brands through right advertising strategy. In the process of advertising, the global brands need to create a consistent image and deliver their unique message to target markets. Therefore, the advertising way and content of Global brands is essential to achieve this goal. As a result of this, standardization or adaption adverting strategy is an important decision of international marketing and really essential to the success of global brands. It is true that there is evidence to show uniform strategy can create a consistent brand image and gain loyalty of global consumers whose perception becomes more convergent with less cost to the company. However, a non-uniform strategy is more profitable for global advertising instead of a uniform one, especially at the execution stage rather than the creative stage, because evidence shows that a non-uniform strategy could adapt to the differing advertising infrastructures and regulations internationally. In addition, a non-uniform strategy leads global brands to integrate with local culture, attract consumers and can also create a more positive image and overcome perceived quality

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