Global Branding Strategy

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Global Branding Strategy 全球品牌策略 1 Chapter Overview Brand definition Global, Regional, and Local Brands Brand Equity The pros and cons of global branding Global Branding Strategies 2 Defining brands BRANDS are symbols associated with a product or service that identifies legally the maker of the product. Brands are then legally protected The right needs to be registered in each country where the brand is sold for the protection to hold. As a competitive advantage, a strong brand can be a sustainable advantage – but needs forceful enforcement against piracy and imitators 3 Definition of Brand (品牌定義) 值多少錢? 品名 品牌標誌 註冊商標 服務標章 (Yahoo!) 一個名稱、詞語、符號、設計,或是 它們的綜合體,透過品牌可以辨認銷 售者的產品,並和競爭者的產品有效 地區別 4 77,839(U$M) Many…show more content…
Danone in France adapt this strategy in China for Wahaha (bottled water) 14 Global Branding Strategies (5) Global or Local Brands? Nestle, Unilever have a portfolio of local, regional or global brands Branding Approaches Solo branding : Each brand stands on its own with a product or brand manager running it (e.g. Unilever, P&G) hallmark branding : The firms tag on one brand (e.g. Bank, Acer, Benq, Asus) family branding : Hierarchy of brands (e.g. Wii, Toyota) Combined branding : 二個或二個以上的品牌標示在同一品牌 (e.g. Sony Ericsson) A firm’s global brand is shaped by three types of factors: Firm-based drivers Product-market drivers Market dynamics 15 Global Branding Strategies (6) A firm’s global brand is shaped by three types of factors: Firm-based drivers Centralized firms: Global Bands, Decentralized: mash of local & global brand Expansion
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