Global Branding : Volkswagen And Heineken

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Global Branding: Volkswagen & Heineken

February 3, 2015

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Brands Overview 3 Volkswagen 4 Volkswagen Brand Strtegy 5-6 Heineken 7-8 Heineken Brand Strategy 9-10 References 11 Appendix 12

The top spot has been solid from 2013-2014 with apple in the top position. From 2013-2014 I noticed that there has been a trend, regardless of their growth the alcohol beverage industry seem to be dominating the bottom part of the list ranging from the 80th position to 100 which I believe to be due to the part that they are not considered necessity although they have a huge market in the world economy they would remain comfortable and successfully at the bottom positions compared to those at the top (Appendix 1).
While the bottom spot has familiar faces the top spot also has familiar faces, with 15 out of the e first 20 major brands coming from the USA, out of the first 20 brands the first 6 had an unchangeable status maintaining their position from 2013-2014 (Appendix 1). From my observation at the top 20 amazon stood out of the bunch rising 5 spot from their previous position in 2013-2014. Based on their everything store mission they have expanded their reach into different variety of market ranging from Fire TV, Amazon Prime, Fire phone etc. (, 2014).
The auto mobile industry take the lead in top risers with 3 brand in the top risers categories, this could be credited to the great amount of commitment
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