Global Branding of Stella Artois

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Global Branding of Stella Artois Table of Contents Problem Statement 3 Symptoms 3 Problem Analysis 3 Boston Consulting Group Matrix 3 Porters Five-Forces Model 4 Product Life Cycle 6 Generic Strategies 6 Alternatives 7 Alternative 1: Global Strategy 7 Alternative 2: Multidomestic Strategy 7 Alternative 3: Transnational Strategy 8 Recommendation 8 Implementation 9 Appendices Appendix 1 – Boston Consulting Group Matrix 11 Appendix 2 – Porters Five-Forces Model 12 Appendix 3 – Product Life Cycle 13 Appendix 4 – Generic Strategies 14 Appendix 5 – Opposing 15 Appendix 6 – Balanced Scorecard 16 Appendix 7 – Value Chain 17 Appendix 8 – Resource Based View 19 Problem Statement Interbrew has shown…show more content…
Interbrew can use a transnational strategy in this sense, as it can cater towards local demands to ensure they are getting the sales over their substitutes. This involves providing the local residents with their favourite brand that they are used to, along with promoting their global brand, Stella Artois, to those markets that have an increase in the demand for premium beer. With regards to Interbrew’s suppliers, Interbrew has begun to use a smaller number of its best suppliers and work closer with them. They also have gone to single suppliers for the major commodities and were moving towards extending this approach to all operations worldwide. This indicates that the suppliers will have low to medium power with Interbrew, as Interbrew will be placing such huge orders7 from them as they are the fourth largest brewer in the world. Interbrew is currently using this strategic sourcing and it has proved successful. This indicates that Interbrew should use a cost focus strategy as they can apply this method to all of their suppliers and generate additional savings through working with a smaller supplier base. When purchasing beer, customers have a wide variety to choose from. This provides customers with some power, as there are no switching costs between choosing one beer over another. Interbrew could focus on differentiation in order to combat this. They could market their premium beer
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