Global Business Challenges Of New Zealand Essay

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Global Business Challenges Businesses competing in New Zealand and in the global arena, have to face many challenges in order to be successful. There is a vast range of challenges that businesses have to face which are considered, the major business challenges. These challenges can be faced by firms operating in New Zealand and firms that are operating on a global scale. Listed are some of these challenges. Business challenges: • Cultural Sensitivity • Environmental Sustainability • Globalisation • Keeping up with the Environment • Government Policy • Health and Safety • Reputation and Brand Cultural Sensitivity A challenge that is commonly faced today by businesses working on a global scale is cultural sensitivity. “Cultural sensitivity is being aware that cultural differences and similarities between people exist without assigning them a value – positive or negative, better or worse, right or wrong.” (Mariela Dabbah, n.d.) This can be a huge challenge and an important one to maintain for businesses, especially those companies that have gone international, for the reasons that, they will often employ people from the foreign country to work for them and use foreign companies for goods and services. Not adapting to a country’s culture can cause harm to the business as it can offend important customers and clients. Due to offended customers, this can impact on the production of the good or service and cause a reduction in their sales. Companies that have been successful on
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