Global Business Cultural Analysis Of International Business

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Winter Harris
July 3, 2015
Dr. Stephen Preacher

International business has been a part of society for centuries. With the introduction of modern technological advances, countries have moved from participating in business ventures primarily by land or boat and advanced to virtual environments and acquiring passports that enable flights all over the world. This impact has challenged businesses to improve their cultural relations as they venture into unknown markets that are on the opposite end of their cultural spectrum and perspective. The world is a vast melting pot of all walks of life. The business world is no different and requires even sharper skills, especially when entering environments that may be tense or chaotic. This paper examines the country of Italy and how its culture impacts business domestically and internationally. It discusses the various strengths and weaknesses of its economic environment and the potential gains or losses a foreign investor may consider when deciding whether or not enter the Italian market.
Keywords: Italy, culture, business, SWOT analysis, labor, markets

Global Business Cultural Analysis
Italy is a peninsula situated in the southern part of Europe, primarily surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. It is estimated to be home to more than 58 million people. While Italians make up a large part of the population, immigration has played a major role in the steady…
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