Global Business Cultural Essay

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Global Business Cultural Analysis: Canada Subin Panta Liberty University

Canada is Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world with population over 30 million. Canada’s two largest and most important industries are logging and oil. The eight dimensions of business culture in Canada and the differences with US. Things to consider for US business retailers who wants to expand to Canada. How the free trade agreement between US and Canada started and settled into NAFTA. The investor wanted to invest in Canada can get benefit from NAFTA provisions. Canada has bilateral trade agreements between, European Union and Asia. SWOT analysis of doing business in Canada

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But English Canadian prefer reserved conversation, they think it as a confident and credible. French Canadian stands very close to you while talking but give enough space. While dealing with French Canadian, all the business related material should be printed in English and French. While talking, don’t say “we American”, it infers that we are including our Canadian host and they might feel it offensive. (Roberts and Taylor, “Canadian business etiquette”, 2012) 3.2 Religion:
Canada is culturally diversified country. The religions are diversified as well. The predominant religions in Canada are Catholicism which represents 42 percent of its population and Christianity who represents 40 percent. The other religions are Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus, Buddhists and minor religions. The heavy concentrations of Catholics are in Quebec and most of them are French Canadian. This is because the 83 percent of the French people are Catholics. When settlers arrived from France and England, they tend to promote their religion and as a result the Canada has been diversified in religion. English settler were mostly Christian, thus the Christianity became other predominant religion in Canada. And the floods of immigrants from Asia, Europe brought their religion to diversify Canadian culture are religions. (Roberts and Taylor, “Canadian business etiquette”, 2012)

3.3 Ethics:
Ethics are defined as the moral value. Different people have different moral
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