Global Business Environment Effect from Environmental Impacts

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Global business environment can be impacted by many factors that cross country borders. Environmental factors can greatly affect global business in all corners of the world. Natural disasters, population growth, and pollution are problem areas that affect all countries. Because of the environmental impacts, all countries had to work together to find common solutions.

In America, population growth and pollution find communities across the land reclaiming areas that have been left to waste. In Washington, DC, the Anacostia Waterfront Initiative was signed on March 22, 2000.1 This initiative is the foundation for the revitalization of the Anacostia areas of Washington, DC. The challenges cover population of the district of Columbia
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These two projects, in different parts of the world will play host the world economic growth.

Population growth along with pollution of our world leaves a lot of land going to waste. The worlds expanding needs for people space and economic growth has force governments and businesses to look in non traditional places for solutions to these areas of growth. Reclaiming of brownsfields around the world presents a way to tackle the challenges and create economic growth. the involvement of the communications, businesses and government coming together creates the force necessary to see their types of initiatives become a reality in all parts of the world.

Finding a solution requires good analysis and communication amongst the parties involved. The problem has to be identified, the circumstances of the problem, narrow down your options, identify the best course of action, analyze the options, list the reason of this choice and realize the options.3 The affected community, governments and businesses have to come together and find the solution to population and pollution growth that is affecting their economic growth. Working on reclaiming lands is an effective way to resolve both problems and translates into a complete benefit of economic growth for the affected communities, government and businesses. The initiatives in Washington, DC and Dubai show how reclaiming lands can help. Reclaiming of land for economic
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