Global Business Environmental Forces

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Global Business Environment Issues: Economic and Socio-economic Factors Table of Contents ACKNOWLEDGEMENT 2 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 4 GLOBAL BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT FORCES 5 ECONOMIC AND SOCIO-ECONOMIC FORCES 7 LEVELS OF ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT 9 ECONOMIC DIMENSIONS 13 SOCIO-ECONOMIC DIMENSIONS 22 CONCLUSION 24 BIBLIOGRAPHY 25 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This report analyzes the practical implication and analysis of some of the important aspects of Organizational Behavior in two organizations - Buddha Air and Yeti Airlines and presents some recommendations on motivation, use of technology and other aspects. The analysis and interpretation of the report is solely based on the small survey,…show more content…
1. Political forces: The political environment in a country influences the political climate, stability and security, types of government and philosophies, nationalism, political risks, international and diplomatic relations, etc. 2. Legal forces: The legal environment includes legal system, international laws and institutions, all legal provisions on trade and investment that affect the operation and development of foreign business firms and companies, and enforcement mechanism. 3. Socio-culture environment forces: It includes attitudes, beliefs, customs, religions, etc. of the people. 4. Economic and socio-economic environment forces: It includes income and distribution of income, production costs, consumption expenditures, demographic features and distribution, etc. 5. Financial forces: Financial forces include inflation, monetary situation, foreign exchange market, policies and reserves, etc. 6. Labor forces: Labor forces includes composition, skills, attributes union, strikes, etc. Economic and Socio-economic Forces The economic and socioeconomic forces of a country stand to be most important in gearing the growth and the development of the country. It is needless to mention that these economic and socio economic forces are variable and keep changing from one country to another. While the economic forces become accountable for the great changes and movements in many countries, the socioeconomic

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