Global Business Is Especially Complex Due To The The Globalization

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Global business is especially complex due to the the globalization of markets. There are significant cultural differences between countries and regions, sometimes there are even multiple cultures in a single country. However, businesses must learn new innovative ways to transcend distance and culture because if they do not their corporations will never grow. Expanding to foreign countries can provide a business with millions of new customers. In order to increase business, businesses must globalize. Luckily enough, this is becoming easier since trade barriers are starting to dissolve and communication to most parts of the world today are basically instantaneous. There are many ways a company can decide to expand internationally. One of…show more content…
Cayan provides affordable credit card processing services to all types of businesses with a goal of connecting those businesses to new payment technologies. Furthermore, they work to utilize the power of technology to engage additional customers. The CEO and founder of this company realized there was a need for simplified credit processing, as a result, they developed Cayan. Initially they restructured the equipment buying process, while maintaining affordability for small businesses. In addition to that, the company grew and developed due to Cayan’s constantly updating and creating new products in order to grow with the ever-changing needs of customers, further communicating their mission and vision. According to their website, Cayan is using our mobile devices in more and innovative ways. They have developed an application that accepts credit cards. This is the first application to ensure point to point encryption, which is a security measure that automatically encrypts confidential credit card information. This protects the card from fraud or being hacked. They also developed their Genius platform, allowing the user a variety of payment options such as gift card programs and loyalty solutions. These solutions have made businesses more successful by making it easier for customers to perform transactions. Cayan is still providing affordable services to all kinds of businesses and keeping
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