Global Changes in the World

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The changes surrounding commercial trade, advanced maritime technology, and slave trade brought different trends in this Western European history. The Protestant Reformation along with the Renaissance transformed the church’s involvement with societal issues in politics, arts and science. In Asia, Neo-Confucianism stressed the importance of morals, education and hierarchical order in the government and society. Societal views regarding the education and economic status of children somewhat differed in many countries. Regional and cultural differences outweighed the commonalities in various societal issues towards children. The European, American, and Japanese cultures had many differences in their societies. In Document 1, the Europeans introduced bills that focused on protecting “children who were enticed away from their parents and were kept and detained in ships.” In Document 2 and 5, the Americans made agreements for poor children and apprentices. Document 2 talks about an agreement made between a boy’s parents and a slave master. “Finding and allowing unto his said servant meat, drink, apparel, washing, lodging, and all other things during the said term of seven years” along with issues regarding fornication and holy matrimony were discussed in this document. “ It was ordered that notice be given to the several persons under-written that they, within one month after…
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