Global Chic : The Globalization Of Fashion

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Ana Pascual-Leone Capstone Draft November 5, 2014 Global Chic: The Globalization of Fashion Abstract: This paper aims to investigate the effects of globalization, examined through the framework of hybridity/glocalization, on the fashion industry by examining the shift in the nature of ethnic, cultural and national references in high-end designer collections, and the growth of fast-fashion houses’ global success. High-end designers have been using cultural references as their inspiration for decades. However, the increasingly globalized world has changed the nature of cultural references. There has been a shift away from collections being inspired by one country or culture, towards a multicultural influence. Driven by the idea that cultural and national lines are blurred and therefore collections should reflect this changing environment. Fast-fashion houses such as Zara, have benefited from this increasingly globalized world becoming able to expand on a world-wide scale and dominate the retail industry by promoting uniformity among nations and fashion preferences. This research is based on a qualitative approach that employs observational and statistical data. Keywords: Globalization, Fashion, Fast-Fashion, Cultural references, Blurred lines Introduction: Humans have interrelated over expansive distances for thousands of years. The overland Silk Road that connected Asia, Africa, and Europe exemplifies the transformative power of exchange that existed in the "Old
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