Global Climate Change : A Threat Of Aphid Populations Essay

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Global Climate Change: A Threat to Aphid Populations
Global climate change is a matter of grave concern in the present scenario casting its significant and lasting effect on the flora and fauna dwelling over earth. A number of factors such as biotic processes, variations in solar radiation received by earth, plate tectonics, volcanic eruptions certain human activities can be considered as key components responsible for this devastating phenomenon. Aphid populations are also under potential threat by the effects caused by the changes in the climatic conditions posing a direct and indirect effect on the predators consuming aphids as food resulting in overall ecological imbalance.
Keywords: Global climate change, aphids, ecological imbalance.

Global Climate Change
We are now threatened by self-inflicted, swiftly moving environmental shifts whose long-term biological and ecological consequences result in the depletion of the protective ozone layer, global warming observed in the last 150 years, obliteration of an acre of forest every second, rapid-fire extinction of species and the prospect of a global nuclear war which can threaten the survival of both plants and animals. There may be other such risks we are unaware off at present. Individually and cumulatively, these dangers designate the presence of a trap being set for human species. However principled and lofty the justifications may have been for the activities that brought forth these dangers,
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