Global Climate Change And Creating A Sustainable Energy Future

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Energy efficiency is a key step in reducing our impact on global climate change and creating a sustainable energy future. Electricity production is the number one source of greenhouse gases and the leading cause of industrial air pollution in the United States. Most of our electricity comes from coal, nuclear, and other non-renewable power plants. Producing energy from these types of sources takes a severe toll on the environment by polluting the air, land, and water supply. In order to stop polluting the atmosphere and the environment around us, we must take action and implement the use of renewable resources into our electricity grid and overall economy. Renewable energy can be used to produce electricity with less environmental impacts…show more content…
Power plants that use coal leak toxic metals into local groundwater and produce a lot of additional waste. Gasoline that is burned in combustion engines emits large amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere thus contributing to climate change. Natural Gas is mostly made up of methane, which is a lot more effective at trapping heat than carbon dioxide, making it more problematic as a greenhouse gas (What Are Non, 2013). There are also the impacts of nonrenewable resources in terms of health risks for individuals living across the globe. Uranium, which is used in nuclear power plants, can cause numerous health issues. Including, major birth defects and abnormal heart, liver and kidney functions with overexposure (What Are Non, 2013). Also, coal miners that inhale dust can contract black lung disease, which kills around 4,000 miners per year in the United States. Finally, there is the issue of supply and demand as they are nonrenewable resources; once they are gone there is no way to create new ones. Thus, they are more and more expensive as they are used. Due to this and the price increase, the technologies that we use to make our lives easier will become useless if the fuel that is used to power them ceases to exist. If alternatives are not pursued and perfected, a shortage would result in chaos. However, in order to achieve the switch from nonrenewable resources to renewable resources, it is important to understand what it is. Renewable energy is energy
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