Global Climate Change And Its Effects

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The global climate change was identified late 19th century with more and more greenhouse gases released into atmosphere by human activities. Carbon dioxide, a major human-produced greenhouse gas, accounts for more than 50% of direct contribution to the present-day reinforcing greenhouse gas effect. It is estimated that over half of the carbon dioxide comes from energy sector activities. Energy demand and energy-related carbon emissions in the developing regions cause an increasingly global concern because of their significant emissions growth.
In order to assist developing countries, the Convention and the Protocol and now the Bonn decision call for the developed world to provide financial and technical assistance to developing countries to help them take actions to mitigate climate change and to adapt to its adverse effects. In addition, consumer understanding of common terms such as carbon footprints and emissions remains mixed. The proliferation of consumer-facing green logo/certification schemes has increased public confusion. Some green causes such as reducing 'food miles ' by sourcing locally and supporting sustainable third world farming - can also be in conflict. Due to these issues, advertising copy and packaging design that precisely and accurately communicate the specific ecobenefits of a product or service to consumers is vital (MacKenzie, 2012; Lamarque et al, 2011).
Calculating a temperature change from a given emissions pathway even in

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