Global Climate Change And The Global Environment

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The environmental security is one of the biggest concerns for human society in these days as stability and natural resources preservation have become essential elements of international relations and domestic security. By looking to the current situation of global environmental security, it seems that the rate of destruction to the world’s environment by humans is increasing and the damage is faster than it can be recovered (Fiona Harvey, 2016). There are many factors which play a fundamental role in destroying the global environment. The most visible one is the human’s incorrect activity that resulted in climate change which can be viewed as an enormous threat to environmental security. It is believed that the current local and global climatic changes have been impacted by the increase of greenhouse gases emissions which may effect on reducing the food and water as they are the main elements for environmental and human security. This paper gives an outline of the theory and practice of global climate change and a brief history of the international negotiations on the issue done by United Nations and argues how successful they have been. Then it reviews the impact of climate change on Australia’s environment and explains its national polices and international commitments, as well as the role of both USA and China, the largest contributors in emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, in reducing the greenhouse gas emissions. At the end it explains the way in which
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