Global Climate Change : How Will It Effect Me? Essay

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global Climate change - how will it effect me ?


Climate change is one of the biggest topics this generation will face, it is up to us to decide what conditions we want people generations ahead of ourselves to live in. I am going to show the science behind what is happening, but also how it effects me and other individuals in society and how they understand it.

The Science and causes

There is 1,260,000,000,000,000,000,000 liters of water on earth and about 70% of that is situated in our oceans I tell you this because one of the key factors fighting against global warming is not us, it is the oceans themselves like mother earth trying to restore balance. CO2 or carbon dioxide can be absorbed by the vast ocean thus reducing the amount in our atmosphere and cooling the oceans down as CO2 causes the atmosphere to heat up. The oceans can only absorb so much CO2 in a period of time, so as we have been going through the industrial era which started in 1830 pollution wasn 't a big issue topic the oceans have been soaking in CO2 with every wave. Because the sea is becoming saturated with CO2 it can no longer take in huge quantities so the earths atmosphere has to take the hit this is bad for global warming as this causes a reaction called the “greenhouse effect”.

The greenhouse effect is the warming of our atmosphere that happens when gases get trapped and then stop heat from leaving but still letting in light, like your car on a hot day. In 1824 Joseph Fourier
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