Global Climate Change Symposium Observations

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In this event the speaker was Dr. Daphane Miller, MD., family physician, writer and Associate Professor in the department of Family Medicine at the University of California San Francisco. Dr. Daphane Miller is also a family physician. One thing that I believe that is sticking to know first and foremost is that she is a doctor. She sits at her office three days a week and she sees patients all day long and she takes care of them, one of her many prescriptions to her patients are good eating, among other things. The mayor focus on Dr. Daphane speech was Farmacology since she said once “if you care about your food, you ultimately have to find out and care about how it is grown and where it comes from.”

First of all, Dr. Daphne explains the importance of knowing where our food comes from.
She explain that the solid where plants grown it’s very similar to our skin, since they use the same principal. She explained that the pH from the soil and the ideal pH from a human body are pretty much exactly the same as well as the carbon-to-nitrogen ratio from the soil. Then that’s what triggers her mind to think that these similarities were not only coincident, but in effect had everything to do with each other. This is when she discovers Farmacology, a farm-to-body lessons that she could learn in a farm and…

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