Global Climatic Changes Essay

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Global Climatic Changes

Climatic change is a lasting change in the weather patterns around average conditions. Certain factors like global warming, greenhouse effect, biotic processes are some of the reasons for global climatic change. The average global temperatures have changed and the precipitation patterns as well. Over the past century human activities led to increase in the emission of heat trapping gases like carbon dioxide. The average earth’s temperature has risen by 1.4° F and it is also projected to rise about another 2-13.5° F in the coming decades. Large and potentially big shifts in weather and climate might result from small average weather conditions. Lot of
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Since the start of industrial evolution, the concentration of carbon dioxide roughly increased by 32%. Co2 is also produced as by-product during manufacturing of cement. Deforestation results in increase of carbon dioxide and reduces its uptake by trees and plants.

Methane is one of the greenhouse gases whose emissions are being increased a result of agricultural practices which includes raising livestock, decomposing garbage in landfills, sewage, transportation and due to all this, about 70% of methane is being produced by human activities.
Use of fertilizers and burning of fossil fuels is resulting in the emission of another greenhouse gas called Nitrous Oxide. The effect of various greenhouse gases on earth’s climate depends on how long these gases or particles last in atmosphere. The concentration of carbon dioxide remains elevated for thousands of years and methane persist in atmosphere for decades of years after elevated. Also nature has its own influence on the global climatic changes. The two most important factors of nature that has its significant impact are the sun and volcanic eruptions. The global temperatures have risen sharply due to human and nature’s influence which has become increasingly obvious over the past three decades. Minor changes in Earth’s orbit around the Sun, tilt towards or away from the Sun are
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