Global Cloud Computing Challenges For Enterprises Essay

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Detailed Implementation Guidelines: The second approach in dealing with the major cloud computing challenges for enterprises is the provision of comprehensive implementation guidelines. These guidelines are geared towards addressing the challenge of service quality, integration issues, and to enhance the real benefits from the implementation of cloud computing applications. Some of the major guidelines or steps to consider include understanding the cloud application, demand transparency, consider legal implications, and reinforce internal security. Enterprises should strive to understand how cloud computing applications transmit and handle data by realizing the impact of the application’s loose structure on security of data transmitted on it. These enterprises should also ensure that cloud providers supply comprehensive information regarding its security architecture and is ready to accept periodic security audit. In addition to knowing the laws and regulations that affect data transmission on the cloud, enterprises should also enhance internal security measures through user access controls and use of firewalls. Enhanced Enterprise Infrastructure: The improvement of enterprise infrastructure is also an available solution to the major challenges in cloud computing. Enterprises need to develop infrastructure that promotes installation and design of hardware and software components (Tiwari & Mishra, 2012, p.309). These measures should be accompanied with the use of
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