Global Code Of Ethics And Ethics

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MBA 605: Unit 4 Exercise
Global Code of Ethics
All employees and senior level executives are expected to uphold to the Global Code of Ethics in the highest ethical standards of this corporate international organization. Each employee is to abide by the laws of their country and the regulations of the organization in which they work. The Global Code of Ethics helps ensure compliance with the standards of business, ethics, and governing regulation requirements put in place. All employees and senior level executives are expected to read and understand the Global Code of Ethics and uphold these standards in their daily activities while being mindful of the organization’s policies and procedures.
I. Transparency & Accountability
All employees, directors, supervisors, and managers are expected to be fair, transparent, accurate, and timely in disclosing of information, data, and reporting critical to the success of the business. Account records must not contain any false, vague, or misleading information or entries. If an error occurs, employees are to fully disclose and report the oversight to their supervisor immediately. Records must never be altered, destroyed, or concealed if ever to be audited, inquired by the federal government, requested by the law for litigation purposes or under subpoena.
II. Confidentiality
All employees, managers, supervisors, and senior level staff must take steps to safeguard all confidential information and data including

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