Global Code Of Ethics : Ethics

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Global Code of Ethics
Sherry D. Martin
Patten University

Global Code of Ethics A global Code of Ethics has been established at [Company Name] to encourage conformity with behaviors that reflect high ethical standards. The following code must be adhered to within all levels of [Company Name] and should be used as a guide for helping you act appropriately.
• Act with integrity
 Doing the right thing must be at the forefront of all business decisions. Integrity refers to ethical soundness, wholeness, and consistency (Johnson, 2012, p. 328). Acting with integrity increases the level of trust throughout the organization.
• Treat all employees with respect and dignity
 Employee diversity is at the core of our business. Our enterprise brings associates together from across the globe with different cultures and skills. No associate shall be discriminated against due to religion, sexual orientation, race, gender, age, or any other difference that makes us unique human beings.
• Lead by example
 Employees at all levels have the ability to lead by example. This behavior is not reserved for management functions alone. When associates see other associates living the behaviors in this code, they are more inclined to follow that lead. You have the power to influence many.
• Foster an environment of transparency
 Transparency or openness is a key element of honesty. When associates attempt to hide wrongdoings, trust is broken and…

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