Global Communications Benchmarking and Gap Analysis

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Global Communications Benchmarking Research The leadership of Global Communication lost their vision for the company and the employees. In an attempt to remain competitive, the leaders missed the mark in looking for the best solutions to their problems of decreased revenue and productivity. Staying in touch with the strategies that brought them previous success in addition to creative solutions and improvements, the organizational atmosphere can be steered into the direction it needs to go to remain competitive with increased revenue and look forward to diversification and longevity. Companies such as Google, Wegmans, Disney, BMW, Toyota and Universal seem to have a formula for success. These companies have loyal employees and a loyal…show more content…
Google, Nortel and J2 have focused most of their attention on an international audience by providing many services from broadband to communications solutions. Customer service and the treatment of their employees is a major focus of management. Wegman 's too has focused on a variety of products and the treatment of their employees but they have found success while remaining domestic. When looking at these companies one can plainly see these companies have a great deal in common but how each has accomplished their success has been vastly different. Most of these companies are leaders in their perspective industries and yet they all have found ways to provide theirs services in unique ways making these companies efficient, profitable and desired places of employment. Contrast Although, all of the companies were of a different industry and faced with different dilemmas within their industry they were all able to overcome these challenges and "benchmark the best practices to develop what would be best for the employees and the organization." (Pomeroy 2007) Google an Internet business and search engine and was faced with decisions on how to maintain strategies to remain competitive and diversified. Wegman 's a large chain store was faced with compromising their vision and values or their loyalty to the consumer. Disney and Universal, Sprint Nextel have both faced

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