Global Communications Essay

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Global Communications Paper This paper will begin with an overview of Global Communications present situation. This will be followed by Global Communications Leadership team’s plan for economic recovery. The author will then present a situation analysis that will include issues and opportunities identification and stakeholder’s perspectives. Then Global Communications end state goals will be presented, followed by a gap analysis definition and the conclusion. Overview Global Communications is a telecommunications company who along with many others are struggling to stay in business. Their stock price has dropped over 50% in the last three years. A major problem afflicting this industry is competition between local, long distance, and…show more content…
To maximize both of these initiatives, the company plans to market itself more aggressively on an international level with the goal of becoming a truly global resource. (Week Four, UOP eResource, 2007) Situation Analysis Issue and Opportunity Identification The leading issue Global Communications is facing is too much competition, both domestic and international, and cable companies are now providing complete solutions for telecommunications, computer, and television. Another issue facing Global are profits diminishing and stock prices have fallen below half price in the last three years. An opportunity for these two issues is to merge with, acquire, and/or form an alliance and/or partnership with one or more companies to expand knowledge base and gain new customers, which should increase profitability and help build up the stock price. Union leaders believe they made concessions in the last contract negotiation and now Global Communications is talking of outsourcing work to India and Ireland. The Union sees this situation as Win-Lose, Global winning and the Union losing. The Union is threatening to take action against Global Communications. If the leadership team decides that the only way to proceed and make a profit, is to outsource to Ireland or India they are going to have a tough time finding and opportunity that the Union will like. Stakeholder Perspectives/Ethical Dilemmas The first stakeholder identified is the senior leadership
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