Global Competition: Culture and Tourism

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Compete in today’s global world makes the countries in any other parts of the world will compete to defend presence acknowledgement by the world. The development of all aspects of life makes the state in any hemisphere shows of wealth as well as his true identity as a country. A country’s resource wealth into the shield from the impact of the progress of the world, but it also can we take advantage to make our country as the world promotion. The development of the world culture as icons make important to maintain themselves in the middle of the era of competition, culture is a symbol of system and meaning in a human society which contained the norms and values of social relationship and behavior become the true identity of a country.…show more content…
Tourism culture is often done by someone or a group of people from the place where he or they live somewhere else in order to witness or enjoy the site of old, historical places, museums, traditional rituals, religious ceremonies, art performances, festivals, and more. The cultural tourism includes not only travel and activity enjoy course, but also other activity conducted by others associated with the tourist, include a variety of efforts to need to be done in order keep the cultural attractions as a resources are limited., is unique and are not renewable. Indonesia is one of the countries of the many countries that got big advantage in cultural tourism, for example Bali, the became an important cultural tourism icons if the world, it can be seen the increasing state revenue derived from the visit of foreign tourists on the island. Tourism has it own important role to introduce state on the international arena as one of the conditions for maintaining identify to face global competition. Culture and tourism is often related to social interactions between individuals involved in this case, the interaction between individuals often we assume with hospitality of the individual. Hospitality is a caring attitude towards our fellow human beings. Cultural values and characteristics are very high regard of the fraternity, mutual respect, even often without small talk or force myself to reprove to chat just ask for personal and
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