Global Competition Is Not Impeded By Political, Geographical And Other Location Based Barriers

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According to Gerber, the definition of global competition is not impeded by political, geographical and other location-based barriers significantly. (Gerber,2010) As the global market become more important, organisations ' strategy has to accompany with in order to meet the changing trend in the market. 'Strategy is the extension of an organisation over the long term through changing environment with its configuration of resources and competencies to fulfill stakeholder expectations.’(Johnson, Scholes and Whittington,2008) This essay is going to discuss the for and against of Hamel and Prahalad 's contention on global competition by using the concepts of strategic intent, strategic leverage and core competence to analysis with different companies examples.

Strategic intent is about the essence of winning by setting a target that deserve personal effort and commitment.() Hamel and Prahalad(2003) suggested that strategic intent is a motivation of a company, it brings mental and intelligence power that lead the organisation to succeed. Disneyland, the famous theme park from America, their objective is to bring happiness, hope and smiles to children and families in the magical journey. The intent gives positive faith to both employees and visitors. Due to the strong commitment of the goal, Disney 's staff are more willing to putting effort by sending happiness messages and make visitors to feel Disneyland is not just exist in movies but a place to experience in real life.…
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