Global Competition Of The Auto Industry

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Global competition in the industry Global competition is an important factor for many industries including the auto industry because a breakdown to it 's simplest form, personal accomplishment and group camaraderie is achieved in the process. What is something if it doesn 't mean something to someone else? To illustrate this, I look at the most innosent form of competition between my two dogs. One was whining because the other had the ball. I threw out two balls and they fought over the newest one. The essential point is the same with people. We find value in what other people want, especially if it is popular or new. It makes it seem more valuable. We also find value in knowing that we have others wanting to beat us at what we do. Look at American football for instance. Everyone wants their team to be the top team and we pay a lot of money, and spend a lot of energy to watch the fight and engage in the rivalry. Competition is good because it creates something to out-perform. It creates a sense of worth that what we are doing is making a difference even for a short time. "Americans dominated the industry in the first half of the twentieth century" (Bland, n.d.) However, " By 2000 Japan became the largest car producing nation in the world." (Bland, n.d.) When a country finds a product that they can manufacture well, we find global customers that will pay for exports. This helps our economy flourish because it creates jobs. When that same company has global pressure to…
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