Global Construction Services ( Gcs ) Essay

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1. Introduction The purpose of the response is advise the investor about the companies he is considering to invest in. The investor wishes to learn more about the profitability, liquidity and asset efficiency of the said companies along with a recommendation of which company would be most beneficial to invest in. The first company that has been analysed through the assignment was Blackmores Ltd, Blackmores Ltd was established in the early 1930’s by a pioneering naturopath of the name Maurice Blackmore. The naturopathic heritage has a strong influence on the way to approach health conditions and maintenance of well being drawing on the traditional use of medicine and combining it with the latest knowledge of nutrition. The second company analysed was Global Construction Services (GCS) is an Australian owned company established in 2003. Global Construction Services (GCS) is an Australian owned company which was established in 2003. GCS offers a diverse range of products and services for all industries across Australia. They provide superior products and services including; Scaffold and Access Solutions, On-site Workforce, Plant Equipment, Formwork, Concreting and Specialised Site Services. Although the name suggests otherwise, Global Construction Services (GCS) solely provides their business locally in Australia, with the majority of their projects being undertaken in Western Australia. The third company analysed was Super Retail Group. When established in 1972 Super
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