Global Crimes Cause Global Issues That Affect The National And International Justice System

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Global crimes cause global issues that affect the national and international justice system. For more than 20 years, as the world economy has globalized, so has its illicit counterpart. The international impact of global crime has risen to record levels. The increase in international crime represents the dark side of globalization. Transnational criminal organizations have utilized ever-changing technologies and adapted intricate network structures that are difficult to trace and stop, and have expanded their criminal activities. This has resulted in an unmatched scale of international crime.
Hence, the importance of transnational policing can be understood in terms of various nations working together to police global crimes. Organizations such as Interpol are at the forefront of transnational policing, Interpol is the world 's largest international police organization with 190 member countries. Interpol offers a wider approach and diverse strategies to combat global crime; the jurisdiction is wider enabling a better information and knowledge framework and further helps in understanding crimes on such a large scale.
Background of Interpol to it’s Functions
Interpol was founded in a decidedly different world in 1923, but much of the organization remains unchanged. At present, Interpol consists of 187 member countries. It is the only transnational policing institution with global jurisdiction, although it lacks a formal origin in
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