Global Cultural Analysis: Italy Essay

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Italy is a powerful and astonishing country. From the elite and powerful Roman Empire, to the majestic order of the Vatican City and dedication to Roman Catholicism and the Pope, Italy is definitely a country that has had a prominent impact on the rest of the world. Canali & DeCarlo (2009) characterize Italy as a country full of dynamic heritage. Full of passion, Italy has potential to satisfy the appetite of any tourist, enthusiast or historian. Urbanization, elegance, ancient culture and superb cuisine have competitively positioned Italy for the tourist market (Canali & DeCarlo, 2009, pp 8-22). Is this same region culturally prepared for globalization and able to open its boundaries to foreign partners and investors
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According to Italyogue, some popular forms of kinesics that are used throughout Italian culture include: gestures, emblems, illustrators, and regulators. These forms of kinesics are apparent in the daily lives of Italians. Examples are double-checked kissing to greet someone and body language or hand gestures that illustrate an expression to give words a more powerful meaning (Bosrock, 2010). One form of nonverbal communication found in Italian culture that closely resembles that of American counterparts is the way Italians regulate or control their communication or interaction with others (Berry, et al., 2010). Berry, et al. (2008), show the similarities in how people show interest (eye contact, lean in, and smiles) or attempt to avoid (avert eyes, cross arms, or lean back) communication with others. An overall understanding of these communication patterns can remove confusion that hinders effective communication.
According to the CIA –The World Factbook, the communication services market in Italy is the fifth largest in the world. Italy has fully developed communication services operating automated telephone, telex and date services. The World Factbook also states Italy has the “world’s fourth greatest internet hosts, about 17.02 billion with the tenth largest
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