Global Cyber Risk: Edward Snowden

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President Abraham Lincoln once said, “ America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves”. This quote is timeless, and made me realize how important it is to maintain the freedoms set forth in the constitution because it is very unlikely America will ever be destroyed from outside means like modern terrorism. Instead we will decay from the inside by straying away from freedom and equality until the whole system collapses. Because of government corruption, economic inequality, and a corporation dominated free market I think it truly is the worst of times to be an American. It needs to be said that in no way is America a terrible place to live. In the constitution …show more content…
It also stands to protect the accused to make sure they aren’t imprisoned without knowing what crime they supposedly committed and to prevent cruel and unusual punishment. America is also a nation of immigrants which has allowed many world cultures to be brought together. Over several generations I think American children have began to be more accepting of cultures that are not their own and ultimately are better people for it. Any citizen is also able to create change in our government by running for political office and helping to represent the people whose voices aren't heard in government. However, the immediate danger of government corruption that threatens our freedom, and equality is too much to overlook. The National Security Agency claims that it conducts its spying to find potential terrorists before they commit a crime but many citizens think they are just spying on the American citizens without a warrant breaking the fourth amendment in the process. Jody Westby CEO of Global Cyber Risk had this to say about the NSA in her online Forbes article “It is a Scandal That No One is Investigating the NSA”,” The NSA can obtain a treasure trove of information from a smartphone, including location, phone settings, websites visited, networks connected, documents downloaded, and buddy lists. Americans generally believed their government was

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