Global Decision Making For International Management

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Global Decision Making Introduction In today’s global business environment, it’s important for managers to make better and ethical decision. A manager’s job is to plan in order to build or achieve the organizational goals, which is also to organize. In other words, after I make my plan and decide what I want to do, I have to organize the structure, the design of the organization and the people behind it. The next thing I have to do is motivating. How do I get people motived to do the task they need to do. The last thing is controlling. The idea of controlling is something we don’t like to consider a lot of time, but we know for sure that people are more motivated if there is somebody that notices the work they are doing in the organization and makes sure things are done on time in a quality manner. I will look at international management from two big dimensions. The first dimension is that I need to consider not only the individual in the organization, but also groups. And I also need to consider the organization as a whole. I How might an understanding of the international dimensions of organizational behavior help a manager make better and more ethical decisions? 1. Organization behavior We know people are not managed in the same way. It’s impossible that we manage every single person with the same style. For example, if I got an individual that does not have the skills to do the job, nor the motivation to do the job, I will use a different style with that individual
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