Global Disasters And Manmade Events

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Combating Storm Complacency

The damage caused by natural disasters and manmade events can be extensive. June 1st will be the beginning of the 2017 hurricane season. While there are multiple challenges with regards to storm preparation, one of the most reoccurring themes as it relates to storm preparedness is complacency on the part of the public. In the days, months, and even years following natural catastrophic disasters emergency officials have had significant challenges deterring pre storm complacency with/to the public that it is charged with protecting. Moving forward, the challenge will be to maintain communications with the public and increase urgency in the public’s preparedness for known and unknown storms.
Every community has an obligation to understand the risks it faces. Knowledge of these risks allows a community to make informed decisions about how to manage these risks. In 2004, the state of Florida; specifically, Central Florida was struck by four consecutive major hurricanes within two months. Hurricane Charley made landfall on August 13, Hurricane Frances on September 5, Hurricane Ivan on September 16, and Hurricane Jeanne on September 25. Combined, the hurricanes killed 117 people and caused more than $45billion in estimated damages (Belland Smith 2004; FSEOC 2004; National Hurricane Center n.d.; Newman 2004).

Though not initially projected to impact Central Florida, Hurricane Charley made a sudden turn toward Central Florida. This sudden

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