Global Diversity Challenges at Lenovo

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Lenovo Global Diversity The process of globalization has determined many companies to build a strategy intended to address the international business environment. This is because the potential of different counties as markets is very appealing. Therefore, they have to incorporate internationalization in their strategies. This also refers to global diversity. Multinational companies are interested in developing a global business environment that can help them reach their objectives. It is important to understand the effects that this strategy can have on company performance. Becoming a multinational company is a strategy that requires significant changes within these companies. Their managers must determine whether it is more profitable to become multinationals or to maintain their current status. Lenovo is one of the companies that have decided to become multinationals. This decision was determined by the company's interest in intensifying the efforts in the attempt to address international markets. The transition to a multinational company can become rather difficult for Lenovo. Therefore, it is important to understand the implications of this process, in order to be able to address its challenges, and to increase its benefits. Global Diversity Challenges Global diversity requires that companies that become multinational develop a workplace environment that can embrace this diversity. If there is little interest in addressing this issue, it is likely that global

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