Global Diversity

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What exactly is diversity? Does diversity really impact a company enough to make them successful or a failure in corporate America? Through this paper you will find a clear understanding of what diversity is and what diversity means to Energizer Battery, a successful global manufacturing company.
“Diversity can be defined as characteristics or traits that differentiate a group of people from another. This can include race, gender, age, socio-economic status, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, and geographic location.” (Nickels, W.G., McHugh, J.M., & McHugh, S.M.) How exactly can diversity define a corporation? Being a diverse company it shows that the company is opened minded to ideas and people outside of their norm. For
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There are currently 38 members and there is 1 person from each location across the global locations included. In the month of June there was an event held at the St. Louis headquarters called “Voices Diverse Culture Ethnic Art Event.” The event had paintings sent from all over the world put together by children of different races and ages for donations. The event gave the employees a chance to visit other cultures without having to physically leave their own. “Diversity training became routine, and diversity management worked its way into business school textbooks and curricula. Major institutions often are rated today on how diverse or diversity-friendly they are.” (Lynch, Frederick)
There are many ways that diversity can be summarized into. There are many companies that are currently not as diverse as they should be. Energizer is a very diverse company and will continue to grow into a more diverse company. “As we strive ahead into the future, recognizing, understanding and celebrating our differences and similarities will be what powers us ahead of the competition and strengthens us not only as individuals, but also as a team.” (Energizer Steering
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