Global E-Commerce: Market Entry & Market Management

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Global e-Commerce: Market Entry & Market Management Introduction The growth, integration, and sophistication of ICT are changing our society and economy. The emergence of the Internet as a general communication channel has opened the opportunity for e-Commerce to expand worldwide. E-Commerce is now viewed by researchers and practitioners as providing the future direction in which organizations must move. Diffusion of the Internet has led to significant shifts in the methodology of operating business globally. Therefore, it is both an interesting and challenging issue to address, explore, and conceptualize proliferation of e-Commerce and also adoption and cultural resistance and evolution for global consumers. This analysis will use…show more content…
The reading lists an amount of example to explain several mistake could happen in the international business. For example, the case 6 is about a U.S. –Turkish Joint Venture for Producing the Yellow pages. In the cases, the company did not aware of the typographical errors. As the result of the errors, the company is no longer in the yellow pages business in Turkey, and the errors also results a prominent business man of Bolu being the subject of jokes for some time thereafter. The cases presented in the reading reveal numerous problems common to international marketing. The framework for analyzing international marketing blunders and their possible causes in the reading structures the reasons and factors in the international marketing blunders. The framework is formed by macro-environmental factors and cause that relate to firms’ international business strategies. Some of the macro-environmental factors related to blunders can be traced to misinformation. Sometimes, through failure to understand local culture, traditions, customs, and values of the host markets, the marketing decisions of international firms turn out wrong. Many misinformation blunders take place during translations. Some of the blunders related to international business strategy may be caused by off-target marketing. These represent selection of
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