Global Economic Interdependence

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Global economic interdependence has led to on average longer, healthier more prosperous lives for humans not to mention a remarkable rise in the overall human population. In the west the rise of globalization has led to the rise of a service economy. In the US and the EU most people now work not in agriculture or manufacturing but in the service sector. This can be in anything from information technology to entertainment. and that switch has really changed our psychology, especially the psychology of the upper classes living in the industrialized world. To quote Fredrick Jameson ‘we are so far removed from the realities of production that we inhabit an artificial dream world.’ Put it in these terms if you had to kill a cow every time you vised MacDonald’s you would perhaps eat fewer Burgers. Many social scientists of the now have also noted another change in our psychology, that globalization has led to a celebration of individualism particularly in the wake of the failures of the Marxists collective utopias in the early 90’s. The generation that lived through the great depression and World War 2 saw large scale collective responses to both those crises and they were both responses that limed freedom. The military draft for instance that limed your freedom, well you know not to be a soldier or the collectivization of health insurances in most of the post war west, which limited you freedom… to go bankrupt from healthcare coast or also government programs like social

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