Global Electoral Norms

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In her article Are there global norms and universal standards of electoral integrity and malpractice?, Pippa Norris determines just that - whether or not the public perceptions of the integrity of an election match up with the observer reports of the elections. To be entirely honest, she does not actual determine if there are truly global norms, for reasons I will discuss later - but essentially, her research question is not about global norms but rather the equity or lack thereof between the opinion of the general public and the experts’ data on the issue. She never quite states a hypothesis for her reasoning, but assuming that she believes there will be some sort of relationship between the two variables, her causal logic would be that people who live in their country have just as valid and correct an opinion of their country’s electoral system as any observer to that system and may even sometimes lend invaluable information to said observers. She uses the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights as the basis for her idea that there are global norms for electoral integrity, which would be her causal logic (since many, many nations have signed on to the agreement, one would…show more content…
Part of that might be explained by her proposition that the dangers of electoral malpractice are increased when a political system is winner-take-all, as opposed to a proportional representation system. Perhaps further research may see whether electoral malpractice is more likely in presidential and winner-take-all systems than parliamentary and proportional representations
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