Global Expansion And Background Information

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What geographical location should be a target to global expansion and background information to support the decision (expansion to China).
Over the past quarter-of- a century, China has experienced big changes as the economy has transformed from just limited private sector into manufacturing base of the world, these rapid development and transformation become the gateway to vast opportunities for all industries of the world (Dyer & Singh, 1998); China regional cities offer diverse of business opportunities to companies around the world for businesses to expand into China.
Recent research reveals China has about thirty five most lucrative cities for business investment depending on the industries of operation, it was said that there are challenges in business regardless of location, in China for example, integral to business growth is cultural issue as well as intellectual property protection, but with meticulous planning, research, and strategy, these issue can be effectively minimize (Shopify, 2015).
The size of China is considered an issue of population, but is a market advantage with a market potential of 1.5billion people, the nation is set to become the 2nd largest consumer market in the world by 2015 (NBSC), government influence in business evens spread of regulations and policies, language barriers issues can all be controlled with effective global strategy.
Business is the dominating factor of economy because of the population, and the opportunities available to

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