Global Expansion: Introducing a Fast Food Chain in China

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Running head: GLOBAL EXPANSION Global Expansion Revised International Product Life Cycle Plan The product life cycle of fast food includes dividing the marketing of a product in four stages known as introduction, growth, maturity and decline. The life cycle used for doing business in one home country needs to revised in order to do business globally (Drummond et al., 2003) .Therefore the product life cycle plan of fast food chain needs to be altered in order to expand business in China. Introduction: In order to introduce the fast food chain in China, research and development needs to do be done for Chinese market. In addition, aggressive advertising and marketing strategies will be needed for introducing the product. Growth: Once the market starts growing and sales increases, the growth can be increased by opening more and more outlets in different cities of China. The marketing and advertising efforts should be continued in order to make a mature market. Maturity: Once the company reaches the maturity stage with maximum sales, it should focus on maintain the sales and take advantage of economies of scale. Decline: A stage where sales fall down is the beginning of decline stage so it is the time to introduce new variety meals in the fast food outlet. Some special meals can be added in the menu keeping in mind the taste of Chinese people. Heavy advertising will be needed to introduce the new meals to the target market and efforts should be made to save business
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