Global Expansion Of Southwest Airlines And Airtran's Airlines

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Introduction A business mergers and company expansion can be a lengthy and costly process, but if there is a strategic plan that is in place this process can be done in a effectively and efficiently fashion. The definitive goal for the HR department is to be able to successfully employee all the employees of the merger, and place them inside new positions within our global locations. Fast growing companies need to cost-effective, flexible and adaptable in today’s global economy. In the course of this merger, our HR department main function will be to pay attention to the financial, legal and operational elements. Our implementation goal is to successfully integrate company’s cultures, training, compensation and benefits, Unions, and retention of employees. Below is an analysis which the HR department has prepared for the strategic planning of a successful merger and global expansion. Analysis Here is a review of HR functions related to the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats which can transpire during a business merger with global expansion of Southwest Airlines and AirTran’s Airlines. Strengths During a merger many great advances can come from the transition. First reason for such a transition should be for economic growth or funding. With such fusion of Southwest Airlines and AirTran’s Airlines, the HR department will conduct a listing of all staff and their pay allowances organization. The HR department will also have the benefit of gaining more
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