Global Financial Crisis By The Wall Street Crisis

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The purpose of this report is to study Global Financial Crisis 2008.This study is inspired by the Wall street crisis and it covers why’s and after effects of the crisis. After this crisis many of the roots causes were observed like speculation, fragility of the system, greed of the managers which adversely affected the market. The global financial crisis of 2008 is a major ongoing financial crisis, the worst of its kind since the Great Depression (The Great Depression originated in the United States occurred on October 29, 1929, known as Black Tuesday.). It became prominently visible in September, 2008 with the failure of several large United States-based financial firms. The underlying causes leading to the crisis had been reported in…show more content…
As demand for the CDOs started growing across the global investment community, the investment bankers (like Lehman) who were meant to sell these instruments also started investing a significant portion of their own capital in these. As Wall Street firms like Lehman were churning more and more home loans into CDOs and selling them or investing their own money, there was a pressure on the banks to issue more loans so that they can be sold to the Wall Street firms in return for a commission. Slowly banks started lowering the credit quality for availing a home loan and aggressively used agents to source new loans. This slippery slope went to such an extent that in 2005, almost anyone in the U.S could buy a home worth $100,000 (45 lakhs INR) or more without income proof, without other assets, without credit history, sometimes even without a proper job. The U.S. housing market went into a classic speculative bubble. Home loans were easy to get, so more and more people were buying houses. The increased demand for houses caused the price to increase. The rising prices created even more demand, as people started to look at homes as investments — investments that never went down in value. In late 2006, Mortgage lenders noticed that people would choose a house, sign all the mortgage papers, and then default on their very first payment. Although no one could really hear it, that was probably the moment when one

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