Global Financial Management

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Global Financial Management In today's increasingly internationalized worldwide economic system, defined by the expansion of multinational corporate conglomerates into foreign shores, the necessity for effective and efficient global financial management has never been greater. Whereas autonomous countries once maintained clear authority over businesses which were built on their shores, through levying taxes, enforcing fiscal regulations, and instituting a lawful system of commerce, today the most successful companies are those with the wherewithal to transfer their operations abroad. Global financial management requires a comprehensive comprehension of foreign exchange and currency markets, derivatives securities, international financial debt and equity markets, international portfolio investments and the global market for real assets. Due to the fact that "financial markets and intermediaries today are globally linked through a vast international telecommunications network," with this continual process resulting in "the trading of securities and the transfer of payments go on virtually around the clock," (Merton and Bodie, 1995), the field of global financial management has emerged to meet the needs of major multinational corporations. - What are the main challenges of global financial management? The intricate array of challenges faced by global financial managers mirrors the complexity of our modern world, with subtle alterations in regulatory statutes from one
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