Global Gps Systems : Global Positioning Systems

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STSE Assignment – Global Positioning System Global Positioning Systems (GPS’) are widely used around the world. It’s a system composed of satellites, computers, and receivers. Their purpose is to send precise back specific details of their position (in space), back to Earth. With this device we can calculate precise positions and also the speed and time of automobiles location. GPS’ receive their signals from the satellites in space. They are used for navigation devices, in cars, phones and GPS’ themselves! The GPS is made of 24 satellites. They can be found 12, 000 miles above the Earth. As the satellites are constantly moving, they can make at least two orbits around us every day. Solar energy is what powers these key parts of the GPS, however there are extras are on board in case of a solar eclipse. Even though the satellites are built to last approximately 10 years, new ones are constantly being made to replace the ones that are already up in space. While the weight of a satellite is quite extensive, only 50 Watts or less are needed for the transmitter power. The first launch of a GPS satellite was in 1978, however the completion of all satellites was in 1994. The system was originally created for the United States Department of Defense (their army). It is also still owned by them and is payed with American tax dollars. Since then, this system has been made available to the public and is free for everyone around the world, thanks to American taxes. GPS was opened to the

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