Global Health And Human Health

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The most critical skills to have to be successful while working in the field of global health include empathy, teamwork, and perseverance. First, global health workers need empathy to understand the situation, culture, and values of those with whom they work. Global health workers interact with people of many different backgrounds and cultures; therefore, being able to understand others and show empathy will allow for better interactions for both parties. When a global health worker goes to a new country, the locals view them as foreigners. Some cultures perceive foreigners as intruders and not to be trusted; others are fearful and uncomfortable with foreigners. Understanding the local’s values will help global health workers to not be offended, not overstep, and to show compassion and provide comfort to locals through their traditions. In addition to empathy, the ability to work as a part of a team aid in the success of missions since global health issues can be solved from several directions by people from many different fields. To solve global health issues, we need people working with the government establishing programs and infrastructure, people working in the background acquiring funds and increasing awareness of global health issues, and, of course, people in the field working directly with the locals. It takes many roles working many angles to solve grand global issues; therefore, the ability to work with others is key. Lastly, perseverance is critical to working
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