Global Health And The Global Issues

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My understanding of global health and the global issues that are prevent in our society has developed and grown over the past three months. I recognized the issues individually and how they affect our country, but I did not have a true understanding of them globally. When I think about the Millennium Development Goals, I truly realize how these affect me both as a global citizen and as a nurse. In New Zealand, a developed country, the population faces the same global health issues as any other country. A key global health issue that is directly affecting the lower income families and adults of New Zealand is diabetes. However, it is also a health problem in the higher income population. The main cause of this disease in these population groups is obesity. Where are the strategies to address this health issue, and why is a developed country having these struggles?
Risk Factors: Although there are two types of diabetes only one, Type 2, identifies obesity as a risk factor for causing the disease. Type 2 diabetes (formerly called non-insulin-dependent or adult-onset diabetes) is caused by the body’s ineffective use of insulin” (WHO website). The other risk factors for this disease are all life style choices, and examples of these are decreased or lack of physical activity, and an unhealthy diet (Jacobsen, 2015, p. 148). The government has initiated a New Zealand Health Survey and it is completed biannually by the general population. They have addressed obesity issues in the

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