Global Health Assessment - Singapore

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Global Health Services – Singapore
Sarah Fong
NURS 03401 Community Health Nursing
Eileen Pummer RN, MSN, CPHQ
Suzanne Taylor RN, MSN
Rowan University

This paper examines Singapore’s demographics that include the population breakdown, socioeconomic status (SES), and health indicators like costs for treatments, birth and mortality rates, and major health issues. Along with a discussion of health indicators, there is also a review of how Singaporeans view health, the financing of healthcare, and who provides the healthcare. The advantages of the Singaporean healthcare system are assessed as well as an analysis on areas that need improvement.

Demographics The country of Singapore is located in Southeast Asia in
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The country of Singapore provides universal healthcare to all their citizens. Aside from providing universal healthcare, Singapore also offers many different medical subsidies and schemes to help make healthcare affordable to all (Ministry of Health (MOH) Singapore, 2012). According to the MOH (2012), the reason why there are multiple layers of financing for healthcare is to ensure that no citizen is denied access to basic healthcare services because of financial reasons. The government currently covers about 80% of the total bill should one be admitted into the hospital. The other 20% will need to be covered by Medisave, a health savings account that individuals can contribute to, or Medishield, a low cost catastrophic medical insurance (Ministry of Health (MOH) Singapore, 2012). Some citizens may have access to private insurance to supplement the government programs.
Major Health Beliefs The MOH has said that the philosophy of the Singaporean healthcare system is to provide medical services for all regardless of financial reasons. That also includes promoting healthy living standards and health wellness programs (Ministry of Health (MOH) Singapore, 2013). The healthcare system in Singapore is based on Western medical science, and the medical providers practice using westernized skills and medications. Because Singapore is made up of several different ethnic groups, their cultural beliefs and practices have
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