Global Health Challenges Of India

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Every country is facing some of the global health challenge and fighting to overcome from those challenges. When it is comes to the India, which is WHO region, also have health challenges and making the healthy people by some changes in health system and following Millennium Development Goals. The enormous disease burden and more health in equalities and that one in six person in the world are an Indian on the one hand, and the country’s new economics and its logical capital in nation also overseas on the other hand, has created for global health challenge. Global health is nothing but health of populations in a globally. It has been defined as "the area of study, research and practice that places a main concern on improving health and achieving equity in health for all public worldwide". Global health challenges nothing but facing problem in health system, and the new diseases in certain part of region or country making the people troublesome. India is the melting point of many country people and as would be expected the condition in India confirms health facts and challenges. There is a lot of health information for India in the public field, even though the nature and feature could be improved. Like other developing countries the life expectancy has greater than before and also improved health has led to further economic welfare in India, the country is currently experiencing the three disease burden due to communicable (CD)
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